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Have you seen these scooters yet?

The two main competitors I’ve seen have been Bird and Lime.  Riding is as easy as downloading their app on your phone and putting in your driver’s license and payment information.  I first saw them in Santa Monica on vacation although didn’t have the opportunity to ride my own.  I did manage to ride Titanic style by grasping for life on the straps of my friend’s backpack as we whizzed by the ocean, though–I was on top of the world.

It feels like as soon as I got back from my vacation I saw the scooters in my hometown of Baltimore.  Getting the application to work was finally easy, unlike when I was in L.A.  People complain that the scooters are dangerous, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Scooters reduce traffic congestion and emissions making virtually no sound in the process.  There are calls in some cities like San Francisco to get rid of Lime and Bird.

Scooters also make the city so much more navigable, while also being downright fun.  I go places as often as possible on them because it is so enjoyable to feel the breeze and the open air.  Sometimes I want to go somewhere that’s too close for a car drive, yet also far enough that it would be a longer walk.  Instead of getting in my car for that short errand, I’ll take a more enjoyable scooter ride instead.

Where to find scooters

Lime Locations

Bird Locations

Author: Ryan Ullman

Ryan Ullman is an attorney at the Piel Law Firm, LLC in Baltimore, Maryland. He is particularly interested in technology, productivity, peak flow states, music, and the outdoors.

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